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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.



Swedish Massage
½ Hour…$50, 1 Hour…$80, 1 ½ Hour…$120

Uses a system of long flowing strokes, friction, and kneading techniques on the superficial layers of the muscles. Excellent for increasing blood flow, alleviating muscle soreness, relieving stress and bringing one to a state of relaxation.

1 Hour...$80, Combined-Fusion...$80.00

Warmed bamboo and rattan sweep over muscles, deeply kneading them to loosen up the tight spots. Try something new! It feels great, and you'll be amazed at the deep state of relaxation warm bamboo massage offers.

Foot Reflexology
½ Hour…$50

This modality rejuvenates the entire body. It is based on the ancient Chinese theory that all areas of the body and all of the body's organs have corresponding points on the feet which, when massaged, assists in balancing the body.

Deep Tissue
½ Hour…$50, 1 Hour…$80, 1 ½ Hour $120

This deep tissue massage is designed for individuals with chronic muscle tension and soreness, muscle spasms, work injuries. Different variations of pressure are used to help restore range of motion, lengthening muscles and improving circulation.

Craniosacral Therapy
1 Hour…$80

A gentle, hands-on technique to help and correct imbalances within the craniosacral system. It helps to alleviate a range of illness, pain and dysfunction such as in migraines, headaches, central nervous system disorders, chronic neck and back pain, and many other conditions.

Prenatal Massage
½ Hour…$50, 1 Hour…$80, 1 ½ Hour…$120

We have a special table that is designed for the mother-to-be. This is a great way to become relaxed, and take care of all the aches and pains that comes with pregnancy. It is especially helpful for women in their second and third tri-mester.

Chair Massage
Rate changes depending on group size.

This is done on a portable massage chair for those clients who have a limited amount of time and would like to de-stress, relax and feel refreshed. This usually covers head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. This modality will be offered on-site and off-site.



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